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 Textile Statistics from TURKEY
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TURKEY: Textile sector is a driving force, statistical report
[Feb 21, 2006] The textile industry, combined with apparel sector, has long been one of the most important components of the Turkish economy, accounts for 10 percent of the country's GNP, 26 percent of total exports and represents 20 percent of employment.....
Country: TURKEY

TURKEY: Textile and apparel export shows a mix trend in August
MEM [Oct 07, 2005] Due to lukewarm demand from the European Union countries, Turkey’s textile and apparel export figure of August shows a mix trend. In August, knitted apparel exports grew by 11.3 percent, Non-knitted apparel exports grew only 2 percent, Made-up exports increased by 15.8 percent but cotton fiber, yarn and fabrics exports declined 9.8 percent and man-made staple fiber exports decreased by 6.3 percent.....
Country: TURKEY

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