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GLOBAL: Global cotton production & consumption - Statistical Report
[May 18, 2006] Detail on world cotton production and consumption in Bales and metric tons...
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GLOBAL: Cotton plantation area to increase following higher cotton prices
[Feb 17, 2006] The higher price of cotton in 2005-06 indicates higher plantation area in 2006/07. Preliminary indications suggest that cotton plantation area will grow by about 3% to 35.7 million hectares.....
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GLOBAL: Fiber production in 2005: Market survey
MEM [Feb 15, 2006] Last year’s activity was characterized by uncertainty from the abolition of quotas, strong increases of crude oil prices and its intermediates, ongoing shifting of capacity towards Asia and technical reactions resulting from high fiber inventories in 2004...
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GLOBAL: Record demand outpacing higher revised production of cotton
MEM [Nov 28, 2005] The USDA’s November report reveals record demand outpacing higher revised production, in the U.S. and worldwide......
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