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CHINA: Textile and apparel trade up 22 percent in Jan-May 2006
MEM [Jul 11, 2006] According to official statistics made by China Customs, China's total imp. & exp. value of textile and apparel in Jan.-May. 2006 reached 57.736 billion dollars, increasing 22.05% compared with the same period of last year...
Country: CHINA

CHINA: Yarn output to top 15.6 million tons
MEM [Jun 06, 2006] Yarn production is pegged at 15.6 mil tons, a surge of 8% from year ago level. The profit of textile production will exceed 70 bil yuan. Export value is forecast at 130 bil USD, 12% higher than 2005...
Country: CHINA

CHINA: Despite rows textile and apparel export increased 20.69 pct in 2005
MEM [Feb 18, 2006] Predictably, China's textile sector achieved significant growth in sales, profits and exports last year despite all the trade rows, safeguards and the appreciation of the Yuan.....
Country: CHINA

CHINA: Cotton yarn production in the month of September sees slowed growth
MEM [Oct 25, 2005] Cotton yarn production increased 22.61 percent to 1.24 million tons, 5.21 percent higher from previous month, growth rate represented a 5.24 percent retreated...
Country: CHINA

CHINA: Polyester prices are stable output increased
MEM [Sep 22, 2005] The surge in global crude prices to new record highs earlier this month made a deep impact on polyester prices but now easing oil prices kept raw material costs of polyester producers more stable. Polyester filament prices were mostly unchanged in the past seven days in China. Raw material prices could be boosted by a new rebound in crude oil prices.....
Country: CHINA

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