CANADA: Impeccable Jewellery leads in the Silver Jewellery arena

CANADA: Impeccable Jewellery leads in the Silver Jewellery arena

LADYSMITH: Impeccable Global Distribution Company announces new facilities and new Retail store opening in beautiful picturesque Ladysmith British Columbia.

Impeccable Jewellery has been through a complete metamorphoses in the last 12 months and has emerged as a world class leader in the Silver Jewellery arena.

Their dedication to stone, design and quality contributes to the amazing finished product available nowhere else but through well-established retailers in Canada and the United States.

Brad Leith has created the most magnificent gem stone jewellery through the use of visual interpretation of nature seen during his many years of global travel. Each piece of Impeccable Jewellery is created as a work of art, singular in its design and manifested beauty, embellished with each unique precious stone. Working with Silver versus Gold allows the emphasis to be placed on the spectacle which each fossil, stone or gem provides. The design enhances the natural beauty and represents the very best value available for fine jewellery. We believe that beauty isn't represented by cost but by the value created by our designs, the stone and attention to quality creation!

A world class designer, Leith believes that the finished product is the legacy Impeccable Jewellery creates. He further promotes the skill of dedicated and multigenerational artisans who are the true creators of the Impeccable Line of Magnificent Jewellery.

The Kibela line, created after the Turkish goddess of Lavish Adornment, is the epitome of fine Silver Jewellery. It represents years of effort and commitment to creating jewellery in a manner superior to any other manufacturer and the end result is stunning.

Leith chooses stones such as Moldavite, Ammolite, Diamond, Ruby and Many rare Fossils to create his precious collection of individual masterpieces. Each creation a stand out, embodying style, design and beauty. Each creation truly "one of a kind" and above all exceptionally affordable making the jewellery of Leith and Impeccable a much sought after acquisition.

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Added: January 28, 2013 Source: Impeccable Global Distribution Company
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