UK: The Most Popular Band Shirts Of 2012 by Blue Banana

UK: The Most Popular Band Shirts Of 2012 by Blue Banana

Some of the most popular band t shirts of the past year have been revealed by top alternative t shirt retailer Blue Banana, providing very interesting reading for fans of music and followers of the biggest trends in band merchandise.

In amongst the top ten most popular band tees sold in the last year was Bring Me The Horizon, with the British metalcore band seeing a huge surge in popularity following a very successful year on the alternative music scene. Thanks to this and several successful gigs, their Zombie Brain t shirt was amongst the most popular band t shirt merchandise consistently throughout the year.

The success of the metalcore alternative scene in general saw a giant leap in merchandise sales for other bands associated with the music genre, not least Asking Alexandria, who although did not release an album during 2012, still managed to pick up some massive t shirt sales thanks to their energetic performances and the free release of the single called ‘Run Free’, which was made available to download through a promotion with Axe. 

Asking Alexandria’s most popular shirt of the year turned out to be their Eyeballs t shirt, which features a purple background, orange branding and an absolutely crazy graphic which has the added advantage of grabbing people’s attention no matter who is wearing it.

The most popular alternative scene band t shirt of 2012 had to be something special, and it had to be from a band who have taken the scene by storm in recent years. Black Veil Brides are an American rock band featuring Andy Biersack on lead vocals, and they’ve grown and grown since their formation in 2006 to now have one of the biggest ranges of band merchandise available.

From this selection, it was their skinny fit On Fire shirt which blew all the competition away last year, proving to be the most popular alternative band top by a country mile.

About Blue Banana
For a seriously long time Blue Banana has been the place to go for emo clothing, scene styles, punk clothes and gothic attire. Over time the names and trends have changed but they keep a keen eye on alternative fashion and listen to their clients, friends, about the most amazing stuff to stock. Their range of skinny jeans is forever growing. The range of brands they carry is forever changing, but some of the best and most long standing favourites at Blue Banana are Atticus, Famous Stars and Straps Clothing, Criminal Damage Clothing, Poizen Industries, Lowlife, Iron Fist, Dickies, Vans, Converse, and Osiris. 

Being involved with alternative styles cannot be separated from the music which inspires it. From new bands they promote to the bands that thousands of fans love, Bue Banana is always trying to stock the right combination of music genres to keep. They have recently added an iTunes store to the site, which makes them the only destination for everything fans want. Festivals are such an awesome musical experience that they have decided they need to get involved! From the festival guides on their website to all the festival gear you could need Blue Banana is the place to look. Visit them at

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