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BANGALORE: Peter England, India's largest menswear brand, is embarking on a new journey with the launch its new range of Work & Travel Bags called 'Peter England Bags'. 

After meeting success in the apparel segment with over 8 million garments sold every year, the brand is now diversifying into the category of Accessories.

First launched by Madura Fashion & Lifestyle (earlier known as Madura Garments) in the mid-price shirt segment in 1997, the company acquired the world rights for Peter England in the year 2000. Today, the brand has a strong national presence with 525 exclusive stores and 2000 multi-brand outlets in more than 700 towns.

Accepted amongst millions of consumers for its standardised fits, superior quality, eclectic and 'fashion-right' styles in the apparel segment, Peter England aims to carry the same values into the non-apparel segment. Staying true to the core of the brand, Peter England is determined to deliver unmatched value, high fashion and superior quality at low prices in a category that is treated as non-aspirational and merely a necessity. The product range features strong fabrics, high-quality pullers, and reinforced stitching. 

The Indian luggage market is estimated at about Rs. 1800 crores, of which about 30 percent of the market share belongs to the organized sector. A steady growth in this segment has been witnessed due to increasing income level, large scale visibility and a rise in the number of retailers. With the economy picking up and the travel industry witnessing a boom, Peter England expects to do well in this category.

Consumer research indicated that there was a big scope deliver value in the Work & Travel Bag segment by focussing on Comfort, Aesthetics, Organising & Security. Peter England has paid specific attention to the crafting their range to address this.

Consumer research has also revealed that some of the important needs for a young consumer's daily commute are client relationship building through meetings, clinching a deal, meeting commitments & more than anything else being able to do one's duty. This led to the discovery of the insight that bags act as a partner & companion in one's journey. They help the person carry their purpose. The purpose that brings with it the hope of success & better life. 

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Kedar Apshankar, COO, Peter England said, "We would like to give people a value added product that is highly contemporary, great value for money and at par with the standards of benchmark brands." He also added, "The Product is created to give joy to the consumers while purchasing it, which makes 'Peter England Bags' not just a travel necessity but a 'carrier of purpose' during one's journey."

The new luggage range - Peter England Bags, features strong fabrics like 1680 density polyester jacquards and twills, very high quality pullers and zippers, completely sealed trims with reinforced stitching for strong seams and pressure points. They have paid special attention to detail particularly in the design department. The products are aesthetically pleasing and designed in a way that they come in convenient sizes with added compartments to organise the contents better. The new luggage range has a soft exterior with strong handles and high quality wheels. 

The range offers:

  • Laptop Backpacks
  • Laptop Cases
  • Duffel Bags
  • One-Dayers
  • Sleeves
  • Messenger Bags

Carry your identity with strong, durable yet light-weight products that come in the right sizes. Organise your life with comfortable and secure luggage on those 'pressure' journeys and be rest assured that your precious belongings are in safe hands.

Peter England Bags range starts from Rs.1099/- onwards

About Peter England
Peter England is the largest menswear brand in India with 8 million garments sold every year. First launched by Madura Fashion and Lifestyle (then known as Madura Garments) in the mid-price shirt segment in 1997, the company acquired the world rights for the brand in the year 2000.

During that time, a new India was emerging, a land of growth and opportunity. The apparel consumption behaviour was undergoing a sea change, and there was a huge market opportunity waiting to be explored. Consumers were exposed to branded formal menswear, but there were no dominant national players in the mid-priced segment. 

Madura Garments recognised the huge opportunity that was theirs for the taking. With 4.5 million urban men who were in the market for shirts with international finish and quality, it was imperative that they find an international brand with a reputation for excellent quality and modern style at value for money prices. The search ended with Peter England that had, in the century since its inception, forged a name both for product excellence and for down-to-earth prices, reflecting in its tag 'The Honest Shirt'. 

The launch of Peter England nationwide through a massive advertising campaign marked the entrance of the first international mid-priced shirt in India. It was clearly positioned as an international quality brand at honest to goodness prices. The brand found immediate acceptance with a large segment of the male population who wanted to look good at work without having to pay a heavy price. Peter England sold 400,000 shirts that first year.

Peter England is universally accepted amongst its millions of consumers for its standardised fits, superior quality, wide range and 'fashion-right' styles, making it the most trusted brand amongst consumers in the readymade apparel category, as per a studies conducted by Brand Equity, Economic Times over the last four years. 

With offerings in the mid-priced value for money range, Peter England brings formal wear for young men in the early years of their career. The product assortment includes shirts, trousers, suits, blazers and accessories for 'Everyday' and 'Special' occasions. 

It also offers 'Relaxed Office wear' and 'Weekend Casual wear' through its Peter England Elements line. This is an eclectic and stylish casual wardrobe including washed cotton shirts, denims, cargoes, jackets, sweaters and accessories. 

Peter England also offers a complete range of sub-premium formals through its sub-brand Peter England Elite, meant for the young manager. The wardrobe includes a complete array of fine-crafted formal shirts and trousers, sharp suits and blazers, and accessories. The look is progressive, international, and one of understated elegance. 

Peter England has partnered with the IPL team, Chennai Super Kings, as the official 'Off the Field' apparel sponsor. Building on that relationship, the brand has launched an exclusive product line called PE-CSK, which reflects the sporty-casual attitude of the team. 

Peter England etched its beginnings in the latter half of the 19th century, when the foundation for a five-storey building was laid in Londonderry, Ireland, in the summer of 1889. Three years later, an imposing factory had come up on the site, humming with heavy looms and machinery. It was considered a modern industrial marvel, and the press of the time described it as 'magnificent' and 'awe-inspiring'. The brand's debut was even more inspiring considering that the world was in the midst of conflicts and the shadow of the Great War was looming over the United Kingdom. But the clouds of war also brought in prestigious clientele - the British war ministry placed an order with Peter England to outfit the troops being sent to fight in the Boer War.

This was a turning point in the history of the brand. The order meant that the highest quality apparel had to be delivered at an honest price, a challenge that Peter England met with outstanding success. It is a story that has been replicated in the following years as a testament to the quality and the value-for-money offered by each Peter England shirt. 

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