USA: 28° Skin Care announces their new line of skin care products

28° Skin Care announces their new line of skin, hair and body care products as “rainforest therapy”. The company produced their ingredients based on the therapeutic value of Tropical Rainforests. After years of exploring the world for the most valuable sources for skin care, it was obvious that the best and most effective ingredients are located deep within Tropical Rainforests.

Recent studies have found 1) new antioxidants, 2) unique botanicals that renew skin tissues, and 3) other plant sources that restore the healthy functioning of the skin, all subterranean within the Tropical Rainforests of the world. After many years of research, 28° Skin Care has begun to set a new standard in health and wellness products by going beyond natural and organic skin care. Rainforest therapy skin care provides the purest source of exotic ingredients that will show dramatic results without any harmful additives. This company provides unique, highly effective and pure ingredients that will leave all skin types healthy and glowing.

28° Skin Care derived its name from the fact that Tropical Rainforests roughly lie 28° north and south of the Earth’s equator. Rainforests have been called the world’s largest pharmacy because of the growth of over 200,000 different species of plants; many of which have therapeutic value. 28° Skin Care has used many diverse sources from the tropical rainforests to produce their Rainforest Therapy. The company provides products for both men and women and treatment therapies for all skin types. In addition, the company has developed hair care and bath and body products. For additional information on 28° Skin Care or to purchase products, please visit or email the company at [email protected] 

28° Skin Care is one of the first to offer this new approach to consumers. This company is not only concerned with providing the most organic and result-driven ingredients, but also concerned with the care and preservation of the earth. 28° Skin Care donates a portion of all sales to The Rainforest Foundation to ensure that Mother Nature’s most valuable sources continue to provide the world with the therapy that is needed by all – Rainforest Therapy!

28° Skin Care is a company that provides a different approach to skin’s called Rainforest Therapy. With exotic ingredients, 28° Skin Care offers the most effective and organic skin, hair & body care that no other company can provide.

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