USA: Top Jewelry Designer Launches Trunk Show

Transform your accessory closet with one of the top fashion jewelry designers in the world.  Christine Darren specializes in the use of plated Drusy Stones. There is only one type of Drusy that ChristineDarren uses - because the stones are mined, cut and calibrated without tampering with exactly how they come out of the earth.

                                         November 19th: 12PM-5PM

                                         November 20th: 11AM-5PM

        MUST RSVP TO: 954-583-1094 or at [email protected]

Drusy literally means "covered by a large number of minute crystals". The term Drusy is used in the jewelry industry to mean a gem that has a specific type of formation. The gem is cut to highlight mother-nature's artwork and exposes the Drusy in attractive arrangements that delight the eye. Whether the crystals appear on the surface of the mineral or are recessed into a crevice, the result is the same, a stunning gemstone. The look has been described as the same as looking at a mass of sugar when it sparkles in the light.

ChristineDarren is a designer and wholesaler of fashion jewelry to high-end retailers and boutiques. The company produces several product lines with a strict quality assurance policy of trendy, yet sophisticated accessories.

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Added: November 11, 2011
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