UK: Alan Strutt to showcase her new bags and publicise her collaboration

Thanks to our great sponsors UK Model Folios and their Italian Agent Gaetano Adinolfi, together they have organised for luxury Italian leather goods designer Carpisa to send a selection of their stunning bags to Miss London 2011 Rissikat Bade. As a token of her appreciation, Rissikat has organised a photoshoot with her favourite celebrity photographer Alan Strutt to showcase her new bags and publicise her collaboration with Carpisa.

To second that, young and new emerging Italian fashion designer Gerardo Cicalese is to design an exclusive range of t-shirts and denim, and has selected Rissikat Bade as one of the stunning models to publicise his styles; Miss London awaits in anticipation the funky garments and bonus point, she gets to keep them all too!

Very proud Miss London 2011 organiser, Fay L. Bacon says, ‘it is no surprise to me that high profile brands such as Carpisa and new emerging designers like Gerardo want Rissikat to be seen with their products- she is a star and their pieces will shine on her! Miss London is a very excited lady!’

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