USA: Elysee Scientific Cosmetics Releases Fountain of Youth

Verona, WI – Wisconsin-based Elysée Scientific Cosmetics has announced the introduction of a new product, Fountain of Youth™ Wrinkle-Intervention Crème, recently featured on HSN’s Beauty 101 Event with Allure.

“We’re pleased with the feature of the Elysée brand name in this special event,” said Jennifer Marshall of Elysée Scientific Cosmetics. “The entire Fountain of Youth™ line contains the finest skin care products that bring visible benefits to aging skin. Elysée's Fountain of Youth™ Wrinkle-Intervention Crème is specifically formulated for those concerned with the appearance of fatigue, characteristic furrows, and creases by helping the skin's firmness and tone.”

A technology-driven formula can be found behind the Wrinkle-Intervention Crème, which was designed to aid skin in responding to environmental factors, giving skin a more youthful vitality. This 3-in-1 refreshing moisturizer not only addresses hydration and the look of aging, but also works with the skin's natural rhythms. During the day, it helps the skin respond to external environmental aggressors; at night, the crème helps the skin optimize these natural rhythms so skin looks and feels younger. 

Benefits of Fountain of Youth™ Wrinkle-Intervention Crème include:   

•   Strong moisturizing power especially designed to revive skin by boosting skin moisturizer and barrier improvement.

•   Powerful peptides boost skin smoothing essentials through the optimization of collagens, hyaluronic acid, fibronectin and laminin.

•   Encouragement of the skin's own natural process of cellular rejuvenation.

•   Cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid (HA), which is five times more powerful than regular HA in promoting moisture balance.

•   Skin protectors for daytime external environmental aggressors.

Patented Elysée ingredients found in Fountain of Youth™ Wrinkle-Intervention Crème that help create a more youthful appearance on the skin include:

•   CHRONODYNTM:  Chronobiological cell energizer. Triggers cell metabolism by stimulating calcium release and enchancing the energy level.  Helps the skin react better and with more vitality for enhanced resistance to future fatigue.  Helps the skin recover its firmness and tone.

•   REVIDRATETM: Recreates and optimizes the skin's own natural moisture by supporting the water and lipid balance in the epidermis. Acts on the active layer of the epidermis to promote the skin's natural moisturizing components.

•   MATRIXYL®SYNTHE'6™: Evens out skin relief and smoothes wrinkles from the inside by rebuilding the skin where it is needed, particularly on the forehead and crow's feet. Matrikine-like effect that stimulates the synthesis of 6 major constituents of the skin matrix and dermal-epidermal junction (collagen I, III, IV, fibronectin, hyaluronic acid and laminin 5).

•   ARGIRELINE™ (hexapeptide-8) helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles in the face induced by repeated facial expressions, especially around the eyes. *Argireline: Has been shown to relax facial expressions leading to a reduction in the appearance of superficial lines and wrinkles, with regular use and for botox-like benefits—naturally, not as dramatic as the medical procedure, but great cosmetic results that are out of this world, to make you look younger. 

About Elysee Scientific Cosmetics’ Products:

Elysée’s Fountain of Youth™ and other product lines are available directly through Elysée’s Corporate Headquarters, at Elysée Rejuvenation Centers, on the company’s web site.

Founded by Dr. Elizabeth Blumenthal on proven and reliable European formula, Elysée Scientific Cosmetics has been providing high-quality special treatment products for more than 88 years. 

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