USA: U-Lace Customizing Laces predicted to be the next "Silly Bandz."

U-Lace already named the #1 hot new fashion/trend product in Japan and wildly successful in Europe and Brazil is finally making its way back to it's home country and was featured as a Gotta Have Back to School product on NBC's Today show on Friday August 27th.  

Today Show Fashion Editor Bobbie Thomas called U-Lace the Next Silly Bands.

U-Lace allows kids to lace multiple colors into their sneakers while also creating over 2-trillion possible lacing patterns at the same time.  Super hot lace-ups are created in minutes with the colorful modular laces that are designed to span just a single set of eyelets each.

U-Lace is currently available at as the company begins to build retailer distribution in the USA.

U-Lace is the worlds first and only - modular - customizing lacing system for sneakers.

U-Lace makes complicated lace-ups a thing of the past. Your kicks will look like you spent hours tricking them out when it will just take a few minutes.

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Added: August 28, 2010 Source: PR
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