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Vintage dressmaking patterns are pleasant and also fascinating for a few obvious reasons. Upon picking a pattern up, it is almost impossible to avoid having your imagination captured by the illustrations on their envelopes. Maggie from VintageCorePatterns has been using these patterns as a tool to develop her own individual and distinctive antique as well as vintage haute couture clothing style for quite some time.

Maggie lives a vintage life and takes a great amount of patience in her dressmaking, eco-friendly lifestyle, and combines that with her love for fashion and vintage. She grew up in the city, with not much space to play as a child. She was raised looking at the Manhattan skyline in the hustle and bustle on the apron strings of her late grandmother, Frances, who she refers to as her mother as her primary caretaker.

As a child she was occupied most days with long walks, simple games, in the company of a creative woman who knew how to make something fun and interesting from something as simple as a fashion magazine to a needle and thread. Her grandmother a child of European Immigrants was pursuing an education in fashion and design when her mother (maggie's greatgrandmother) abruptly died of cancer, and she was forced into working and quitting her education to help her family at 18. However, it was those sketches, doodles, and thriftiness that surrounded Maggie during her childhood which inspired her to do what she does today after pursuing a career in business and graphics.

"I have met women like me, from all walks of life, lawyers, doctors, professionals, creating fashion from patterns of the past. Sewing is no longer for old women, it is back and really respected."

"what was once just necessity is now cool and trendy.. but I have been into the vintage looks for so long.. I remember being a child watching my Grandmother sew and really take to fashion, and then I related to the character Molly Ringwald played in "Pretty In Pink".."

You can take take pleasure and find satisfaction in creating one of a kind gown design. You can be certain that there will never be anybody else, or someone near you wearing an identical couture style, or a similar dress. Since Maggie has always been one to march to the beat of her own drum, this has always Maggie seeks out Vintage Patterns that carry on modern style – without looking like a costume. This is so you can look up to date, different, – without looking like a costume. This is so you can take a Vintagecore pattern and recreate stylish apparel that is hot and still your own.

It is no longer fashionable to wear a certain cut pant, or blouse, fashion and style is about wearing pieces that fit and make your body look good. That is why making your own clothing from vintage patterns is a unique way to create clothing that fits you as an individual and looks good. Trends are no longer trendy and looking good is the plus choice of women, stylists and designers. Since Maggie is also a short petite woman in her early 30's, she finds that her reinvented clothing designs from vintage patterns can be exclusive and unique and fit her especially well. She claims to find items that fit better than department store petite department.

Vintage Pattern inventions certainly 'turn heads' – for all of the right reasons. Handmade apparel is particularly noticed by the fashion aware and style enthusiasts - wondering if there is a way to attain similar couture appearances. Maggie admits she likes to sew but gets attached to the apparel she creates from vintage patterns, “I am somewhat selfish or too generous when it comes to my clothing creations. I will either keep everything, or give my creations to close friends and family. I am also not as proud as I should be! Since I have been purchasing other artisans clothing, I am more confident in my handmade garments, and I know my skills are up to par, and surpass my own expectations at times.."

Collecting, and, making use of vintage dress patterns are:

• Exciting, you are able to experiment continuously using affordable
Dressmaking patterns from and you will always come across a coupon on the blog, or you will earn Loyalty Coupons when shopping at her store. CODE: Friends

• Extremely Satisfying. With Vintage trends hitting retail, the consumer wants authentic pieces in their wardrobe. With stores like Anthropologie and others like it you can create styles that are more suitable for your shape and probably more figure flattering.

• VintageCorePatterns will be adding patterns daily, so Maggie describes pattern Collecting as: Addictive, especially if you are some sort of avid collector that looks out for uncommon patterns like she has done over the years. However, Maggie likes to keep up on fashion trends and keep looks that are wearable today, and will make a new looking fresh design with your twist and imagination thrown into the project. You may collate these vintage dress sewing patterns,
Catalogue them, and subsequently display them as items of fascination.

Perhaps you're a seamstress that buys vintage dressmaking patterns to make
exclusive dresses to use yourself, or to promote any produced garments solely to a handful of select customers. VintageCorePatterns has many patterns that are unlisted and Maggie is always on the hunt for more, from the looks of her studio, she has thousands.

VintageCorePatterns carries patterns that make creating custom bridal gowns for any select few, that desire to show up in vintage wedding gowns. As a dressmaker, Maggie hopes to offer some insight on sewing, sizing, and other seamstress tricks of the trade that she has discovered through the production of an extraordinary custom made dresses, separates that have stunning style. Investing in vintage bridal sewing pattern might be all you may need to churn out unique and stylish bridal gowns.

Whatever it can be that causes you adore vintage haute couture, you'll discover
the most amazing dressmaking patterns without difficulty but largely at It is possible to return in time to the fashions of 1900's to the 1980's and go through this shop searchable by bust size, or perhaps slowly scroll through memory lane.

Test your skills as a seamstress and at the same time create a wardrobe that is distinct, bold as well as exceptional, and be a new lady associated
with style, craft and skills. Turn towards the vintage couture fashion path and make outfits of the bygone chic era using vintage dressmakers’ patterns. Currently, there's plenty of collectible dressmaking patterns which are reachable through this shop, or if you have something in mind, just ask. As well as being considerably low-priced on or you can shop the Etsy Outlet Shop.

It’s certainly not that difficult to seek out and discover these kinds of dress patterns plus your handbag can easily cope with the cost. So it is possible to accumulate to your hearts fancy as well as develop your personal style without stressing out your wallet. So, then you CAN Splurge on those designer shoes.

Many of VintageCorePatterns are either still to them being still factory folded, neatly cut, and if the pattern is not flat it will be pressed. It is the VintageCorePattern mission to sell patterns that do not need to be fussed with so you can get right to your project.

Look around, will be carrying some particularly special 'Vintage Vogue Paris Originals', 'Vogue Couture Design' patterns, or 'Vogue Special Designer' vintage or classic patterns. It's extremely wonderful if you find a package that contains the original vintage silk label, to sew onto your outfit. The major and highly regarded pattern manufacturers are Butterick, Modes Royale, Hollywood, Advance, Simplicity, McCall's as well as DuBarry. All of the major retailers that reflect the modern day fashions.

It could be impractical to expect to find antique or vintage dressmaking
Patterns in mint form. However, Maggie has made it possible, and tends to keep them that way, making sure they are all placed into a plastic protective sleeve with a cardstock backing, just like you would find a collectible comic book. Vintagecorepatterns is on a mission to give old patterns new life and hopefully through the collectible plastic sleeves they can be carried through a whole entire new lifetime, passing them on through generations.

Vintage Patterns played a fundamental role in American and Worldwide Fashion. Women worked less outside of the home and focused more on the home front, and even with the women’s liberation, women still made their own clothing, obtaining patterns through pattern magazines and publications, even the newspaper. It was once very main-stream for women to sew their own clothing and for the entire family.

Despite the test of time, we have become a disposable society. With the patterns that did make it through these decades into the turn of the century, you really do not need to worry a great deal about devoid envelopes, which may be reproduced should you genuinely require them. Vintagecorepatterns specializes in pressing patterns and envelopes, making sure you are getting the best presentation possible and pattern out there. The most important piece of the pattern is the Pattern and instructions; this is why the smaller details like rips are sometimes over looked for the sake of rarity. Maggie's motto is," if I would not use it, I definitely would not sell it!"

If there is a missing piece to a pattern on, it will be clearly stated, perhaps the text will be flashing.. You will not miss it~but, these are usually minor parts like trims or even facings absent do not need to worry you, however, patterns are never sold without instructions. From her own experience she knows it is almost impossible to work the details out without the instructions, so it would never be sold on her site. So come to this new store, it has a clean new look, a young new perspective.

Whether you collect patterns for their envelopes to make artistic creations, or you intend to create a couture clothing outfit or you make clothing that in themselves are artistic creations, this is a great spot to check out!

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