CHINA: Body Jewelry Is Hotter Than Before

Body fashion jewelry has been an influential part of plenty of cultures all over the planet for thousands of years. I would imagine one of the first that comes to mind would be stomach dancers of the Middle East, or the beauties in India or adorn their foreheads with jewels. In plenty of societies it was also used to signify a specific class.

Nowadays the use of body jewelry has reached the mainstream of our society with even grandmothers going to local piercing shops to get stomach jewelry rings. Plenty of people are beginning to recognize that their bodies are another area which they can adorn with different types of decorations and jewelry to make them even more pretty. The use of stomach rings in particular calls attention to the mid section, although some I have seen would do better not to do so!

The body jewelry industry is exploding with people getting piercings in every imaginable place and some even unimaginable, well to me anyway. A quantity of the more common and semi-normal areas for piercings besides the obvious ear lobe are the nose, eyebrow, nipples, and naturally the popular navel. There is an very limitless supply of different jewelry wholesale for all of these varieties.

In the event you have pierced your nose there's different options you can pick from such as a circular barbell or a stud which can be a simple post with a ball on the finish or it can be jeweled such as the diamond ones you have probably seen. The body jewelry used in the eyebrow is similar in style also allowing for the choice between barbells and even dangling charms.

The jewelry used in the navel and for pierced nipples is very popular and gaining in popularity on a regular basis. Personally I am a tiny apprehensive about the nipple piercing but who knows? If Janet Jackson can handle it, I can!

It doesn't matter what you pick to have pierced, there is a piece of jewelry that exists to adorn it in plenty of different colors and styles. The jewelry is made in plenty of different cost points as well from cheaper wholesale costume jewelry prices to actual diamonds.

One thing to keep in mind is that even more so than with a piercing like the ear lobes, other areas of the body may be even more susceptible to infection so you need to take additional precautions to keep the area tidy. Also make sure that you are not allergic to the particular type of material you are thinking about placing in your piercing. Only go to certified reputable establishments that are also licensed by the health department in your area.

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