CHINA: Jewelry Trends in Different Countries

CHINA: Jewelry Trends in Different Countries

Like other customs, jewelry takes on different trends in different countries and cultures. In this article, we will date back to ancient civilization to see how it helped to establish the jewelry fashion into what it is today.

Some of the earliest jewelry made of precious metals and gemstones were found in Egypt. Egyptian seemed to prefer gold and made many items out of gold, including bracelets, rings and earrings. Some of the tiffany earrings are inspired by the Egypt jewelry.

Greece set the trends by using beads and designing them into shapes representing nature. Precious gemstones such as ruby, emerald and pearl began to be used to adorn the jewelry.

Later pearls became the most recognized gemstone in jewelry, with the most beautiful ones found in South India and the Persian Gulf.

During the early 1800s, France had a great influence on the jewelry industry. When Queen Victoria reined Britain, Victorian jewelry became as popular as the Queen and was sold all round the world. America stood out with Hollywood setting the trends during 1950s.

In the river of the long history, many countries had added their special influence on the style and trends of jewelry. Nowadays we are surprised to found that the jewelry trend is no longer the business of a specific county but a matter of the whole world. People get information of all kinds of jewelry through the internet and can purchase the jewelry with some clicks to the mouse.

jewelry trends have got rid of a particular region and become a global trend. But we can still figure out the influence of different countries during the establishment of the fashion jewelry industry today.

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