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The trend towards technical textiles and high-quality coating goes constantly upward. With innovative technology and many decades of technical expert knowledge BRÜCKNER could contribute that Messrs. Geissbühler & Co.AG, domiciled in Switzerland could strengthen their position in the field of technical textiles and enlarge their range of technological services.
After 20 years of work for the company, Kathrin Bohnenblust as been appointed Chief Executive Officer of Messrs. Geissbühler & Co. AG in 2007 and is since then successfully leading the company.  Geissbühler is an independent subsidiary of Cilander/ Herisau, who invested in total 5.5 million Swiss Francs in the production and peripheral equipment of their Lützelflüh site. One very important part of this investment package is the new BRÜCKNER coating line.

Messrs. Geissbühler has an extremely wide variety of final products and application areas. Among them are for example upholstery for trains and buses, seat covers for air planes, mesh fabric made of Kevlar for sports cars and glass fabric for applications in architecture, fire extinguishing blankets or barbecue mitts etc. but also sun shade materials, filter cloth and modern, coated textiles for the clothing industry. 

The finishing line concept to be used for this company had to be correspondingly superior and ambitious. The concept had to be appropriate for paste coating and for wet and dry laminating but also for the classic textile finishing. In addition, the standards of the Swiss environmental regulations had to be met. This demanded high technological advisory skills and mature machinery technology.

Due to the many decades of experience in engineering and construction of machinery and in the coating sector BRÜCKNER could clearly score. Our experienced engineers developed in narrow cooperation with the customer an innovative concept meeting the individual needs and requirements of Messrs. Geissbühler & CO. AG. From the first discussion to the process engineering commissioning of the line we assisted our customer any time as advisor. 

One decisive criterion when purchasing the line was for Messrs. Geissbühler an absolutely homogeneous temperature distribution across the complete dryer length and width. This temperature accuracy is an obligatory prerequisite for the high quality of coatings during the drying and cross-linking process. Also the exhaust air control in the stenter, particularly with solvent-containing coating systems require absolute precision, technical knowledge and experience to meet the energy requirements. 

"Messrs. Brückner showed right from the beginning their big interest in our project.  The comprehensive know-how in coating technologies and the excellent customer liaison and support during the individual phases of the project convinced us. We never regretted the investment in this Brückner line" says Kathin Bohnenblust, CEO of Geissbühler & Co.AG.

Coatings on aqueous basis and applications with solvent-containing coating systems can be made for a fabric width of up to 3200 mm. Due to the special fabric web guidance and control system the line can be used for direct coating processes on textile and foil and for reverse coating processes on release paper. Due to the high flexibility of the machinery system it is thus possible to use the following production processes: 

    * direct coating on textiles and foils
    * reverse coating on release paper
    * impregnations and dip coating
    * dry and wet lamination of membranes and textile webs or foils

The coating line was supplemented by a thermal exhaust air cleaning unit which is able to clean 15.000 Nm³ exhaust air per hour. The energy released by this cleaning process will be recovered for the heating of the stenter and the hall. We implemented thus also a coherent energy concept ensuring an optimum energy exploitation. The yearly production capacity of Messrs .Geissbühler & Co. AG could be doubled with the new BRÜCKNER line, the cycle times have been halved. 
The roots of the Swiss company Geissbühler & Co.AG are dating back to the year 1673. The small bleaching and dyeing workshop has been developing continuously and invested a lot in research and development, among other things also in the field of finishing and coating of textiles. Later they developed, produced and successfully merchandized their own products. In 2007, Messrs. Geissbühler & Co.AG was taken over by Cilander AG domiciled in Herisau / Switzerland. For Cilander AG this was another positive step for their positioning in the market of technical textiles. For Geissbühler & Co.AG the lasting assurance of their future was in the foreground. 

For more than 60 years the BRÜCKNER company group is known as producer of very modern textile finishing machines. The founder Kurt Brückner invested already in the first years very much in development and research which paid off already several times. Successful coating projects were implemented by BRÜCKNER Trockentechnik GmbH & Co. KG right from the beginning. Thanks to the many decades of technical expert knowledge and the continuous development we are today in a position to plan for each customer a machine concept which is particularly designed for his individual needs. The narrow and personal liaison with out customers will make it possible for us to recognize new technologies and development potentials and to optimise thus continuously our know-how and the know-how of our customers. 

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