CANADA: Global Leather Production to Exceed 18 Billion Square Feet by 2012

SANJOSE, CA  -- Leather, one of the first man-made materials, has transformed from a necessary product into a luxury item, especially in the developed world. Leather is employed in varied applications due to its wind resistance and exceptional abrasion quality features. The prime factors driving the demand for leather over the years comprise the higher disposable income of women, fashion consciousness, influx of innovative designs, affordable prices, and exposure through departmental stores. Increase in the proportion of women in the corporate world translates to higher demand for leather products such as document and office cases, briefcases, wallets, checkbook holders, and business cards holders. The demand for computer, mobile phone, and other accessory cases has also increased in recent years.

Leather tanning market in Europe is projected to reach $29.5 billion by 2015, as stated by the new market research report on Leather Tanning. The industry is highly fragmented and holds a diversified product portfolio. Quality, design, flexibility, adaptability and quick response to changes are some of the hallmarks of the EU leather industry. Increasingly retailers and brand owners are also focusing on product traceability and addressing environmental concerns.

Leather Tanning: A Global Market Report:

Asia-Pacific dominates the global leather production volume, while Latin America represents the fastest growing market. China represents the largest leather and hide producer worldwide. Demand for imported raw material and high-end leather is high in the country. Though the country is mushroomed with several tanning facilities, the production or tanning of high-end hide is yet unmet. While the leather sector in India struggles to establish itself as a leader in the global leather market, major brands are exploring opportunities in India.

Select players profiled in the study include Acme Sponge & Chamois Co., Inc., Cromwell Leather Group, Dani Leather USA, Inc, Elmo Leather AB , JBS S.A., Leather Resource of America / Conneaut Leather, Inc., and Seton Company, Inc.

The report titled "Leather Tanning: A Global Market Report" announced by Global Industry Analysts, Inc., provides a review of market trends, product introductions/innovations, and recent industry activity. The study analyzes market data and analytics in terms of revenues generated by the European tanning industry.

About Global Industry Analysts, Inc.
Global Industry Analysts, Inc., (GIA) is a reputed publisher of off-the-shelf market research. Founded in 1987, the company is globally recognized as one of the world's largest market research publishers. The company employs over 800 people worldwide and publishes more than 1100 full-scale research reports each year. Additionally, the company also offers thousands of smaller research products including company reports, market trend reports, and industry reports encompassing all major industries worldwide.

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