TURKEY: ITEMA Weaving, the leading manufacturer of weaving machines, at ITM

ITEMA Weaving – an Italian-Swiss House of Brands - is providing the famous weaving ma-chines Sulzer Textil, Somet and Vamatex and will present the latest innovations in weaving technology at ITM, Istanbul, 6-9 June 2009.

ITEMA Weaving is the only company to produce weaving machines with the three leading weft insertion systems, providing the right weaving technology for every application.
Whether your requirements call for the most flexible rapier technology, a projectile weaving ma-chine for demanding technical fabrics or high performance air-jets with the lowest air consumption, ITEMA Weaving is the ideal partner.

ITEMA Weaving is the ONE company which can offer a solution for any need, no matter how diffi-cult it may be. It is the company with the right products for commodities to high-fashion and spe-cialized industrial fabrics: ITEMA Weaving covers all fields of applications.

Somet Alpha PGA Rapier Weaving Machine
Thanks to the universal PGA gripper, the ALPHA PGA is the most flexible machine with regard to inserting different weft materials and yarn counts into the same fabric (e.g. upholstery). This pro-vides more flexibility, higher efficiency of production and convenience for style changes. The Alpha PGA weaves an unlimited range of fabrics and materials at a high production level.

Vamatex Silver HS Rapier Weaving Machine
An advanced development of the propeller rapier movement system and the optimized shedding geometry makes the Vamatex Silver HS the most competitive rapier weaving machine in the mar-ket. End users benefit from the highest speed, low maintenance requirements, fast style change and lowest production cost. This model is best suitable for home textiles, high quality shirting and denim.
Vamatex Silver DynaTerry Rapier Weaving Machine

Vamatex is the famous brand in the world for terry rapier machines. The superior technology of DynaTerry has been proven in the market all over the world. The Silver DynaTerry is the best solu-tion to produce high quality terry products towels.

Sulzer Textil G6500 Rapier Weaving Machine
The technical capabilities of the Sulzer Textil G6500 Rapier weaving machine is recognized and appreciated worldwide. The Active Rapier Technology (ART) is capable to insert an unlimited range of weft yarns into the same fabric. This model is best suitable for technical fabrics and high class apparel and household goods.

Sulzer Textil L5500 Air-jet Weaving Machine
The outstanding performance of the Sulzer Textil L5500 high production weaving machine with the least air consumption of all air-jet machines on the marked guarantees a positive return on invest-ment. This model is best suitable for light weight denim and sheeting.

Sulzer Textil P7300HP Projectile Weaving Machine
The low energy consumption, its versatility and the outstanding adaptability to the ever changing market make the Sulzer Textil P7300HP projectile weaving machine a safe investment with excel-lent return on investment. The projectile weaving machine is best suitable for technical fabrics and high class denim.

Sulzer Textil CWT “Customized Weaving Technology”
The principle of Customized Weaving Technology is to supply all customers with weaving ma-chines tailor-made for their products. For instance, for agrotextiles and geotextiles, conveyor belts, sail cloth, cinema and theatre screens, as well as for filtering fabrics, tarpaulins and wire fabrics. This enables our customers to conquer new markets. Warp tension up to 15’000 N/m is possible.

Shedding motions and accessories
ITEMA Weaving offers its own shed forming devices. This guarantees that the motions and se-quences are perfectly matched with the respective type of weft insertion system and width of ma-chine. A perfect dwell of the sley results in less stress and strain on the weft yarn and in case of air-jet, less air consumption.

Weaving machines and accessories such as heald frames, drop wires, healds, warp stop motions and printed circuits, everything from the one and same supplier alleviates the order process and assures a perfect match of all interacting units.

Upgrades and modifications
ITEMA Weaving can support you with low cost upgrades to produce a wider range of fabrics, in-crease the performance, the quality of fabrics or, to produce different fabrics which could not be woven so far. Many customers are taking advantage of the proven and existing modification kits, many others are contacting us with special requests, ideas or needs. Please do not hesitate to discuss individual solutions with us. ITEMA Weaving will gladly assess and study the technical possibilities and feasibility of such projects.

Active Textile Services – Anything, Anytime, Anywhere
ITEMA Weaving is the top class service and spare parts provider. We provide excellence in this field with an unchallenged reputation for quality. We offer valuable advice, improve the preventive maintenance system and reduce spare parts consumption. Our textile technical consulting fine tunes the preparation and weaving processes.

A specialist is available at your door step - speaking the same language - in the same time zone. It is of the utmost importance, especially in these dreary times, to provide quick and quality service to you, our esteemed customer.

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