ISRAEL: Browzwear's 3D Fashion Design Software Cuts 70% of Costs

Browzwear International , the pioneer of 3D fashion design and communication software, today unveils the V-Stitcher™ 4.4, a comprehensive 3D fashion design and communication solution. The 3D fashion software is designed to cut costs for fashion brands, manufacturers, and merchandisers while expanding their customer base to new diverse sectors.

The leading brands of the sportswear industry as well as major players in the lingerie sector have placed their trust in the product and are seeing increased efficiency results. The fashion brands, already using Browzwear's software, report a 70% decrease in sampling costs. The brands attest that V-Stitcher allowed them to cut product-to-shelf time in half. V-Stitcher 3D design and communication technology allows for, less travelling expenses, less prototypes, and less samples, not only reducing expenses but also minimizing fabric waste. Browzwear's solutions are both economically beneficial to the fashion industry and in line with the company's green agenda.

Browzwear's approach to 3D fashion design and communication software is led by a profound acquaintance with the needs and trends of the fashion industry. Browzwear's CEO, Aviela Sherbu-Cohen, a fashion industry veteran says; "The executives at Browzwear have decades of experience in the fashion industry and we know that during tough market climates, the fashion industry needs to embrace cost-effective solutions with increased efficiency. Unnecessary expenses have to go and inefficient ways of working need to be changed." She adds; "V-Stitcher implementation by companies and international brands is moving forward steadily"

What's New in V-Stitcher 4.4

V-Stitcher™ , the most advanced fashion design and communication software, integrates conventional design techniques, empowering them with real-time, true-to-life 3D CAD technology. New anatomically correct avatars (3D Human models) of various ages from infancy to adult, with various body anatomies have been added to V-Stitcher.  This allows more product lines, catering to a wider base of customers in such diverse market sectors as children apparel, pregnancy wear, sportswear, and lingerie. V-Stitcher is also endowed with a faster-than-ever 3D simulation engine. The software boasts enhanced fabric thickness support and smoothing capabilities, alongside fabric testing methods for a more lifelike presentation of the garment. Improved presentation and design capabilities enhance the entire product development experience, from concept to shelf making it faster and more intuitive.

About Browzwear –

Browzwear International develops and manufactures advanced 3D fashion design and communication solutions for the garment and textile industries. The company was the first to develop a comprehensive 3D fashion design solution, and has gained extensive experience in the field. Browzwear is committed to assisting the advancement of 3D fashion design and communication technology for the 180 industry-leading clients already enjoying this competitive edge, and for those still to come.

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Added: January 15, 2009
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