ITALY: aleXsandro Palombo Creates the World’s First Designer

Italian designer aleXsandro Palombo , designer’s knitwear is now available for customers seeking originality and exclusivity. The unique precious items are conceived in workshops using the same processes as for haute couture, with weeks of craftsmanship being dedicated to each model,  like a piece of  high-end clothing.

Creative flair, the excellence of Italian craftsmanship and cultural innovation: these are the foundations of the new “knit atelier no season” by the Italian designer aleXsandro Palombo. With years of experience in the world of fashion Palombo is a valued interpreter of luxury knitwear and his creations are considered original and exclusive expressions of style. Throughout the years unique items have been made on demand for princesses, artists and international celebrities, the American rock star Sheryl  Crow amongst others.

Through Palombo’s talent one collection per year will be presented comprising special creations made in precious materials with haute couture  craftsmanship.

This new concept defies the seasonal classification, allowing the most exclusive international buyers  and few privileged eminent personalities to view and order the items at any time of the year  with the possibility of customizing them,  thus increasing their uniqueness and exclusivity.

aleXsandro Palombo declared “The aim was to create the first “knit atelier no season” the world’s first haute couture collection in the field of knitwear”. The new label is targeted to those high-end  markets and clients looking for  the luxury of stylistic originality and aesthetic taste.

Among his followers Palombo boasts international buyers such as the sheik Majed Al Sabah of Villa Moda in Kuwait  as well as select department stores including Beams in Tokyo, but above all major importance will be given to the India and Russia market. 

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Added: October 15, 2008 Source: Agencies
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