CANADA: Silver Jewelry Gemstones Provides Fashionable Jewelry

For a year now, Kathy Rose has been making beautiful pieces of jewelry available for people who wish to emphasize their outfits with something shiny through her website, Ironically, Rose found the business in a matter of happenstance.

"I own a commercial grade lighting company. I went to a trade show in Hong Kong and I happened to attend a jewelry show," recalls Rose. "I was introduced to jade. I purchased some and brought it back home with me. Three weeks later, I was back in Hong Kong talking to people about jewelry."

While her website specializes in sterling silver and gemstones, Rose also white gold available for her customers. Even at a year old, she also has a expansion in mind for her line: "Presently, I don't carry opal, but I plan on it. I'd also like to add a line of pearls from China. I've been looking at Canadian diamonds, too. They're very high quality."

Though the jewelry on Rose's site are imported, she oversees every aspect of her business, from finding the artisans to talking to customers.

"I inspect licenses and I make sure that the processes are environmentally friendly," Rose says. "My company is completely honest. I owe it to my customers to say, 'Thank you for this opportunity.'"

Rose, who offers a 100% satisfaction and free shipping to the lower United States and Canada, also ensures that she carries exclusive lines that aren't available anywhere else. Whereas the bulk of her collection comes from China, she has also branched out, finding artisans in Mexico for her recently launched Aztec Collection.

"I went to Mexico for our Aztec Collection, which is made by three designers," explains Rose. "These pieces are from the true history of Mexico."

Silver Jewelry Gemstones also has its own blog in According to Rose, she will be writing about the different lines of jewelry, as well as some tips on how to shop for good jewelry.

Over the last year, Kathy Rose has amassed a passion for what she does and while her website ensures that people get high quality jewelry at affordable prices, she feels as though she is the lucky one. "I've met interesting people and I'm truly humbled by my customers," she says. "It's quite an adventure."

About the Company:
Kathy Rose is the proprietor of Rose Enterprises One and Silver Jewelry Gemstones, which started in 2007. The jewelry on her site is imported from China, Mexico and Australia. She currently has a blog  that is topically about jewelry.

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