INDIA: Cotton and fine silk is under threat

Barapali village of Orissa is known in the world for its fine silks and cottons but now its facing a major threat, due to faulty govt policies, lack of proper supply of raw materials,poor pricing and decline in forests, on planting of mulberry trees.
Orissa which is famous for Sambalpuri silk sarees and major contributors of tussar silk, also known as Kosa silk, is valued for its purity and texture.
Artisans  in barapali village of Baragarh district are facing problems like low labour price and heavy cost of raw material. many weavers have abandoned the profession due to the lack of availability of cocoons and funds, poor government support to the local silk industry, etc.
There are over 50,000 weavers involved in Orissa's Tussar silk industry. They are seeking remedial measures from the state government, to check price of cocoons and ensure a timely supply of raw materials, this villagers are solely dependent on weaving for survival. wide scale of smuggling and black marketing have harmed their interest.

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Added: February 23, 2008 Source: Agencies
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