USA: Greenyarn launches eco-friendly nanotechnology fabric products

BOSTON: The city based nanotechnology company that develops advanced materials for consumers seeking eco-friendly alternatives to conventional fabrics, Greenyarn is launching the 2008 products, starting with Eco-fabric undergarments and Tyrrano - Hiking Socks, said Robin Low, CEO of Greenyarn.

He clarifies that the product contains eco-fabric and are made with the latest in knitting technology.

The Smart Hiking Socks are knitted with 200-needle count densely knit 3-D technology, the dense construction, Y-heel seam and an arch-band ensures superior fitting and to offer a new level of comfort. Tyrrano is designed by mountaineers and is tested at the most rugged terrains. It is most suitable for temperatures around -10°C to 20°C (Mid weight). Containing the finest acrylic yarns at the heel and toe, they are abrasion resistant and quick dry, making these socks durable yet comfortable.

Leveraging on nano-technology, Tyrrano are made with Bio-weave and Eco-fabric that make them anti-bacterial, deodorizing, and comfortable. Bio-weave is a highly wicking and quick drying fabric that is embedded with nano-particles of bio-ceramic in its fibers.

The Eco-fabric underwear contains nano-particles of bamboo charcoal that make it anti-bacterial, deodorising, absorbing and emitting of far infrared energy, and static free. As the nano-particles are embedded in material, the benefits from this underwear will not diminish even after repeated washes. The benefits come from the bamboo charcoal particles and not from added chemicals.

The seamless construction and the use of Lycra make these undergarments very comfortable.

The products are regularly tested in labs for consistent and no dyes are added during manufacturing.

Greenyarn strives to produce revolutionary products using environmentally friendly process and materials. Greenyarn aspires to be the leading brand name for new eco-friendly textile and apparel. Through continuous research and development, Greenyarn offers eco-friendly fabric to satisfy the need for a new age fabric.

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Added: November 20, 2007 Source: Greenyarn.
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