INDIA: Investment Committee approves assets takeover of Microsynth Fabrics

MUMBAI: The Investment Committee of Directors has approved the assets takeover Microsynth Fabrics (India) Ltd. by JBF Industries Ltd under Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

JBF has entered into an MOU with Miscrosynth Fabrics (India) Ltd and the take over was in subject to the approval of Board of Directors of the company and also other necessary approvals as may be necessary.

Miscrosynth Fabrics (India) Ltd is a producer of Polyester POY located at Silvassa and has a strong presence in specialty POY production. The facilities are designed to produce specialised yarns such as micro deniers and colored yarn, with technology from NOY - Vallesina, Italy.

After the take over, JBF will enhance its share in the specialty POY market in India and abroad and at the same time it will create avenue for major captive consumption for Specialty Polyester Chips being produced at the Company.

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Added: November 9, 2007 Source: Agencies.
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