USA: Oerlikon sells Yarn tester rights to Germany-based testing firm

NEW YORK: Oerlikon Heberlein Temco Wattwil Inc., a unit of Oerlikon Textile Components has sold the production rights of the Itemat filament yarn tester to Textechno GmbH & Co. KG, a Germany-based manufacturer of textile testing instruments.

At the start of this year Heberlein Fiber Technology Inc. integrated with Switzerland-based Oerlikon Group to form Oerlikon Heberlein Temco Wattwil Inc.

The Itemat, developed by Enka tecnica — also recently integrated into the Oerlikon Group’s Textile Components business unit and is now known as Oerlikon Enka Tecnica GmbH which determines the number of interlaces in filament yarns, and measures the stability of interlace nips in a yarn when subjected to a programmable load.

The sale is a result of Oerlikon Heberlein Temco’s desire to focus more on online monitoring systems with Oerlikon Fibrevision, according to Heinz Michel, head of filaments, Oerlikon Heberlein Temco.

The Heberlein® company was founded in 1835 as a yarn dyeing plant in Wattwil by George Phillip Heberlein, who emigrated to Switzerland from the Rhineland in Germany. From this time it developed into one of the leading finishers of woven fabric.

The company started manufacturing a crimped yarn based on viscose artificial silk under the trade name of Helanca from 1936. Machining of solid ceramic was introduced in 1991 and this led to the successful start of manufacturing of interlacing jets for spinning filament yarns.

Today Heberlein Fiber Technology employs 130 staff and is the world’s leading supplier of air interlacing and texturing jets, as well as of on-line sensors and of monitoring systems for synthetic continuous filament and staple fiber yarns. 99% of the turnover is achieved abroad, of which half is in the Far East. The rest is divided between Europe, the USA and South America.

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Added: October 3, 2007 Source: Agencies
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