SRI LANKA: School uniforms to be produced locally

COLOMBO: Textile Development Minister Jayatissa Ranaweera has said that the government will manufacture school uniform material locally instead of importing them for four million schoolchildren. The Government saved a large amount of foreign exchange last year by manufacturing uniform material of schoolchildren, Armed Forces and Police personnel locally.

The required quantity of school uniform material for next year is 10.5 million which is being taken care of by this year’s manufacturing which is going on smoothly. This move has revived the local textile manufacturing industry and over 3,000 indirect and direct new jobs are expected to be created in the sector.

 “The foreign exchange which we spend on importing textile material earlier would remain in the country and will help improve livelihood of many local textile manufacturers,” the Minister said.

The require quantity of white cloth material is 8 million meters while the total requirement of the white and blue trouser material is 2.5 million meters. The total robe material requirement is 200,000 meters. Sixty per cent of these quantities are expected to be manufactured domestically.

“We have already handed over orders to five local companies to manufacture 5.4 million meters of school uniform material”. The rest of the 40 per cent uniform material will be manufactured here by importing raw white cloth. Value will be added to raw white cloths under nine stages,” Ranaweera added.

He said tenders have already been called and the Ministry has appointed officials to supervise the manufacturing process by visiting factories.

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Added: August 16, 2007 Source: Agencies
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