SWEDEN: Bemz launches StudioLine fabric collections

STOCKHOLM: The Swedish company that designs loose covers for IKEA sofas and chairs, Bemz has launched a new StudioLine collection to its popular online portfolio of practical, stylish fabrics Bemz founder, Lesley Pennington said here on March 15.

The new StudioLine collection which is produced in beautiful, two-color interwoven textiles from one of Sweden's most eminent cotton producers: Borås Cotton is available in two different styles.

Lesley Pennington clarified that with StudioLine, company has decided to experiment with a fabric that would provide a textured, two-tone style that emphasizes clean, structured lines in sofas and chairs.

The collection consists of two different fabrics: Sybury which is designed for more conventional tastes and is a very traditional, elegant textile woven in two harmonious, discrete colors that convey class and elegance; for a more contemporary look and a bold statement, the Sprezzatura style is ideal as it features strong colors and a heavily textured style.

The founder also commented that since Bemz prices are very affordable, and because American consumers don't have to pay European sales tax, the lower purchase price means that Bemz products shipped to American consumers cost about the same as they do for Europeans--and that includes shipping via UPS air.

Further, the entire line of Bemz slipcovers is machine washable and designed especially for IKEA furniture--even sofas that IKEA has discontinued as mixing and matching is encouraged, and Bemz offers several collections of patterns and colors, thematically grouped to suit specific environments or tastes.

Bemz sells removable, washable slipcovers for sofas, armchairs and cushions, direct to consumers via the Internet, which are available to fit the most popular models of IKEA sofas and chairs.
The brand Borås Cotton owned by Borås Wäfveri has been designing and producing textiles since 1870, and several of Sweden's best-known designers have produced creations using its textiles.

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Added: March 16, 2007 Source: Agencies
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