INDIA: Bhoobash to establish automatic silk reeling unit

COIMBATORE: The entrepreneur, K.L. Bhoobash Kangayan is all set to establish Rs 3 crore automatic silk reeling unit at Paariyur (Gobichettipalayam) by aiming to boost the sericulture sector in Tamilnadu.

The entrepreneur for the unit was selected a month ago, based on educational qualification, financial strength, sericulture experience and age.

For the unit, the machinery will be imported from China and the plant is expected to be operational soon, while the entrepreneur had already visited China and had a look at the machinery.

K.L. Bhoobash Kangayan informed that at the established the unit, it will need about a ton of cocoon (bivoltine variety) every day and will produce 120 kg of silk a day.

However, he plans to purchase cocoon through contract farming method to ensure quality, while the inputs and finance will also be arranged for farmers.

The Central Silk Board (CSB) will provide Rs 50 lakh as assistance and efforts are on to get about Rs 15 lakh from the state government; whereas the marketing silk reeled in the automatic unit will not be a problem as it will be of fine quality and can be used to make different types of fabric.

The state that has about 25000 mulberry farmers and 23000 acres under sericulture produces just about 1000 tons of silk a year, but only about 45 percent of the cocoon produced in the state.

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Added: February 14, 2007 Source: Agencies
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