USA: E47 Technologies launches antimicrobial performance fabrics

BROKEN ARROW: E47(TM) Technologies has announced the launch of  new anti-odor and antimicrobial performance fabrics ideally suited for performance apparel, footwear, sporting goods and industrial products such as helmets, gloves, uniforms, upholstery and carpets, JT Griffin, President and CEO, E47 said in a release.

The company is the exclusive licensee of SmartSilver(TM) nanotechnology-enhanced anti-odor additives for fibers and fabrics from NanoHorizons(TM), Inc.

E47(TM) Technologies, the exclusive licensee of SmartSilver(TM) nanotechnology-enhanced anti-odor additives for fibers and fabrics from NanoHorizons(TM) has exhibited the new technology at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market from January 28-31, in Salt Lake City.

The new anti-odor fabrics include single-ply polyester, at 4 to 5.5 oz per yard; plaited or double-ply polyester, at 4 to 5.5 oz per yard; fleece, in 100-gram, 200-gram, 300-gram, micro-denier and 4-way stretch and athletic woven and twill, at 5 to 9 oz per yard.

However, virtually any polyester or cotton fiber and fabric can be enhanced with permanent anti-odor properties using E47 SmartSilver as E47 fabric costs roughly 30 percent less per yard than the 'silver' fiber fabrics that do not offer permanent anti-odor properties.

The company offers only permanent and cost-effective anti-odor solution for designers seeking to work with a choice of fibers and fabrics, including polyester and cotton; nylon and polyurethane.

The president clarified that exceptional and versatile anti-odor performance is derived from SmartSilver(TM), a nanoscale-engineered additive that permanently bonds to fibers without altering their native characteristics and the result is a line of fabrics and fibers that offer permanent anti-odor properties at less than half the cost of other effective silver-based offerings.

E47 is engineered at the nanoscale to ensure that fabrics are easy and safe to manufacture and E47 additives for fibers are fully compatible with high- speed extrusion equipment, their 19-nanometer particles can not clog spinnerets, and they allow all manufacturing processes to run at full speed.

E47 is dedicated to provide its customers with next-generation technology designed to easily integrate into today's real-world fiber and fabric products.

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Added: February 8, 2007 Source: E47 Technologies.
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