INDIA: Knitwear industry focuses more on effect yarn

TIRUPUR: The textile manufacturers of value-added knitwear, home textiles or high-end shirting materials are focusing more on using ‘effect’ yarn (fancy) relieving monotony of being a dealer of plain vanilla (commodity) yarns, industry sources said here on December 08.

Sources added that textiles and clothing production should have value added fabric patterns or innovative garment designs in the modern scenario to be competitive.

However, the value addition in cotton yarn production that has begun to sway the yarn market of late is the rediscovery of `slub' yarn or the `effect' yarn, as it is technically called in the trade.

Further, Tirupur has been emerged as the favoured source point for fashion-oriented knitwear products by global garment chains/retailers and is in the focus of fancy yarn producers.

The knitwear sector is billed as the emerging market for slub yarn consumption after denim fabrics makers since denim sector globally stagnating and so local manufacturers are trying to influence knits, home textiles and finer count shirtings which present a huge potential to use `slub' yarns and stand to get major market following in the coming days.

The ‘effect’ yarn is called so because the ‘effect’ of a slub caused on the surface of yarn during the process of yarn spinning at pre-programmed intervals itself becomes designed yarn, catching the fancy of leading garment labels all over the world.

Further, the engineered yarn pattern is produced using specific slub attachment in the regular ring spinning frames or open-end spinning machinery along with special software package.

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Added: December 9, 2006 Source: Agencies
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