CHINA: Yarns in Qianqing remain so-so; prices up and down

QIANQING: The yarns in textile raw material market in Qianqing of Zhenjiang Province is so-so last week (July 24th –30th ); the prices are up and down.

July 30th, the conventional yarns in Qianqing market such as 32S pure cotton knitting yarns, 50S pure polyester yarns, 30S rayon yarn, 45S 65/35T/R yarns, 40S/2 65/35T/R plied yarn have quotations from the center, respectively are 20,500 yuan (for each ton, the following is the same), 17,300 yuan, 16,800 yuan, 18,900 yuan and 20,100 yuan, comparing with a week ago, the pure polyester yarns raise 200 yuan again, the rayon yarns is price down firstly during six weeks, the reduce rate is 300 yuan.

On that day, the pure polyester yarns series products such as 21S, 32S, 50S have quotations from the center, which are respectively 14,200 yuan, 15,200 yuan and 17,300 yuan.

Recently, the main reason for pure polyester yarns’ continuous price-up is that the price for polyester staple is raised every day, which increased the production cost of mills.

Although the price of the pure polyester yarn is forced to rise, but downstream demand is still later, this make the price-up of pure polyester lack of vigor.

However, polyester staple market can be continuously better, the price of pure polyester yarns can be pushed up by the cost.

Last week, the rayon yarn in Qianqing market was price up firstly during recent 6 weeks, and reduce rate is very big, the analyzers thinks that the rayon market becomes weak is all because of raw material market change.

In recent years, Chinese viscosity industry capability has rapidly expanded, so the unbalance between supply and demand in a short period is caused, then the price of viscose staple will be dropped. It is estimated that the rayon yarn will be continuously price-down.

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Added: August 8, 2006 Source: Agencies
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