SWITZERLAND: Oil repellence and stain resistance treatment for non-washable fabrics

CocoontecHAUSEN AM ALBIS: Weisbrod have succeeded in developing an oil repellence and stain resistance treatment unique in the world, for precious, non-washable fabrics.

Cocoontec® protects high quality products like no other treatment, and thanks to its functional density of only 200 nanometers it does not change the shine and texture of silk and other precious fabrics. It even influences the surface feel in a positive way – the touch is fluent and noble with fewer tendencies to crease. An effect which makes precious products even nobler.

Cocoontec® offers the perfect synthesis of elegance and functionality.

Silk treated with Cocoontec® will simply repel drops of any colour and consistency. For comparison: Traditional fluorocarbon coatings on silk reach grade 6 for oil repellency, whereas the optimised procedure by Weisbrod is graded 7 to 8.*   Cocoontec® so reaches the maximum in stain resistance world wide – without losing the silk’s shiny character. Never before has the beauty of silk proved so intelligent. And Cocoontec® also shows top results on acetate, viscose and polyester.

Water based substances such as coffee, wine and vinegar as well as oil containing mixtures such as salad sauce are repelled perfectly. Simply rinse splashes with a fine jet of water or carefully absorb with a clean serviette. Avoid dabbing hard or using a strong jet of water as this could press the oil into the fabric.

Cocoontec® reaches the maximum rating for oil repellency and presently offers the best possible protection against oil containing substances.

The Cocoontec® effect can always be reactivated by heat. Briefly iron the fabric on level 1 and the unique protection is assured anew.

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Added: May 25, 2006 Source: Weisbrod.
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