INDIA: Indo Count to foray into the US home textile market

KOLHAPUR: The fabric manufacturer Indo Count, plans to setup a pilot marketing network in the US, by the time it begins trial run of the Rs 205 crore fabric plant in June, for its maiden foray into home textiles, Director for Indo Count Mohit Jain said here on March 17.

The director further clarifies that the company has a capacity of one lakh metres of fabric a day and also has facilities for bleaching, dyeing and a processing house which mixes out 16000 sheet sets a day. 
The company supplies yarn and outsourcing other requirements such as weaving, stitching and processing from other firms for its pilot marketing which will help the company to get clients by the time facilities are ready at new plant.

Indo Count already exports cotton yarn and knitted fabrics to European markets. Further the company enters the US markets for the first time through its home textile products, which include bed sheets, curtains, table linen and pillow covers. 
The company also plans to invest another Rs 300 crore in the second phase of expansion almost doubling its loom capacity to 300. 
Mohit further said the company are in talks with Spanish designers and will also setup its own in-house design team.

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Added: March 18, 2006 Source: Agencies
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