INDIA: Rs 241 cr not sufficient for handloom sector: Sivakannan

COIMBATORE: The budget ’06 proposal of Rs 241 crore under the higher fund allocation for the handloom sector is a positive move towards development, Mr Sivakannan, former Chairman of the Handloom Export Promotion Council said here on March 01.

Further Mr Sivakannan expressed concern over the allotted amount as this amount may still be not sufficient compared to the handloom industry’s potentials.
The introduction of an interest subsidy scheme for the handloom sector similar to the Technology Upgradation Fund scheme for the textile industry is a commendable move, further added.

The processing facility is a crucial segment in value addition to the textile products produced by handloom segment; establishing `Zero' discharge facility would be costly for weavers.

However, the demand from the handloom industry for suitable capital support for the industry in establishing textile processing projects with `0'discharge norm compliance has not found any mention in the budget.

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Added: March 2, 2006 Source: Agencies
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