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TAIWAN: TTRI helps textile companies to become top-rated enterprises

TAIPEI: The Taiwan Textile Research Institute (TTRI) on February 24 shared its experience in helping two companies become top-rated enterprises on the local textile scene.

One of the companies was ABA Nano Company Ltd., which obtained high value-added functional master-batch technologies from TTRI and became a publicly traded company as a result of successful sales of the fiber.

The Taiwan Textile Research Institute (TTRI) is the island's premier textile R&D facility.

The functional fiber, called Phyllotex, was of the bamboo charcoal kind. It was innovated by TTRI, with former economic affairs minister Ho Mei-yueh serving as its spokesperson.

The fiber was special in that it was developed by TTRI from start to finish using a vertical integrative approach, and both ABA and Co-Op Enterprise were licensed to sell the products, which can now be found at several major department stores including Takashimaya and Far Eastern.

ABA is the successor of Chungyu Technology Co. and began focusing on nanotechnology in 2003. Some of the company's chief products include: nano-silver, nano-titanium oxide, nano-zinc oxide, nano-socks and nano soaps.

The other company with TTRI support was CCI Tech Inc., which evolved from a three-person company with capital of NT$3 million into a 24-staff firm with capital of NT$10 million in two years.

The company reported sales of NT$100 million and had its products marketed to 35 countries in the world.

"Thanks to TTRI, we were able to receive the necessary help and assistance in the areas of technology, marketing and retail, all part of the government's overall objective of encouraging textile firms to develop more innovative products," said Kevin J. I. Chung, chairman of CCI Tech.

The company joined TTRI's incubator in 2004 and received additional support from the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Its participation in ITMA, a world textile machine fair, was a milestone in the company's history and resulted in the company's future success in marketing products to 35 nations in the world, including Switzerland, Australia, Japan, France etc.

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Added: February 24, 2006 Source: Agencies
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