INDIA: Climax Premium Shirts in cotton & linen the latest offering from Climax Apparel

MUMBAI: Climax Premium Shirts is the latest offering from Climax Apparel. Company sources said here on October 15.

Over the years Climax has been catering to the massive demand of the national market with its flagship brand - Climax Royal Shirts. Climax Apparel is a company renowned for offering quality shirts for over four decades.

Claiming a perfect price-product mix, as per Hemant Bangera, CEO Climax Apparel Pvt Ltd, 'Inspite of there being a plethora of players in the premium segment, they identified a sizeable market within this segment waiting to be tapped.

The task was to offer a hi-quality, hi-styled, premium wear with contemporary designs, all at the right price.' Beginning from an affordable Rs.600/- Climax Premium Range extends to an unpinching Rs.1000/-. The key factor that will lead Climax Premium to its Climax is the meticulous styling, weaves and designs, currently offered only by the super premium brands.

The primary focus of Climax is on quality and most importantly on customer needs. Utmost attention is given to sourcing and production.

Each ensemble passes through stringent quality parameters to ensure the best is delivered to the customer.

The Climax brand having already established itself with its regular range of Royal shirts plans to harness new customers by offering them style and comfort in a new package 'Premium Shirts'-a premium range of 35 designs in Pure Cotton and Fine Lenin.

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Added: October 15, 2005 Source: Agencies
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