ITALY: EuroFutureTex- Manufacturers look towards nanotechnologies to remain competitive

PADUA: International textile giants such as Zegna, Marzotto, and Ziche will be convening next month in Padua, Italy to discuss what they are expecting nanotechnologies to deliver to help make their businesses stay ahead of the competition.

Representatives from these textile companies along with the leading providers of nanotechnology solutions will be part of EuroFutureTex a conference to be held in Padua, Italy on November 8-9, 2005.

The European textile industry has been experiencing major changes in the business environment as a result of the introduction of quota-free trade since the beginning of the year, and the competition from cheaper Asian imports is already having an effect.

As a result, the European textile industry is taking a closer look at the ability of nanotechnologies to innovate, add value and create new products. Current applications range from enhanced properties such as stain resistance to the integration of textile technologies with sensors and electronics to create major new market opportunities.

European textile companies are likely spurred in their interest in nanotechnologies by US-based Burlington, which has experienced a turnaround from the brink of bankruptcy after its success with Nano-Tex.

Among the technologies that will be discussed at EuroFutureTex next month will be nanotechnologies' use in:

  • Material treatments
  • Coatings for high-functional textiles, self-cleaning textiles, and antimicrobial textiles
  • Enabling wearable electronics
  • Military applications
  • Biomimetic materials

EuroFutureTex has open registration. The conference is produced by Cientifica and Veneto Nanotech.

EuroFutureTex will be held as part of the larger NanoWeek, which will be a week of meetings, conferences and exhibitions on nanotechnology. It is the first event of this kind to be organized in Italy and it will make Padua the capital of nanotechnology for a whole week.

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Added: October 13, 2005 Source: Agencies
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