BANGLADESH: Textile industry in hunt for engineers

DHAKA: Country's billion-dollar textile industry is on the hunt for local textile engineers, with a total of 22,699 positions currently remaining vacant in the sector, industry sources said.

The industries, urgently requiring textile engineers, are forced to hire experts from India, Pakistan and China at phenomenally high rate due to inadequacy of local engineers, the sources said.

A foreign textile engineer has to be paid between US$ 2,000 and 15,000 per month, they said, adding 8,000 to 10,000 foreign textile engineers are currently working in Bangladesh.

Local textile entrepreneurs blamed the government for not giving due importance to developing textile engineers in the country.

Introduction of vocational courses on textiles in the national education could have eased the problem of textile experts significantly in the country, they said.

Main duty of a textile engineer is to look after production as well as matters relating to spinning and dyeing.

Sources, however, said the government at a meeting at the Planning Commission earlier this week approved several projects, including setting up of the Bangladesh Institute of

Textile Technology (BITT) in Tangail to enroll textile diploma holders and HSC passed students from science group for creation of textile graduates.

The meeting also approved plans to enhance the number of textile institutes to ten from the existing six.

Currently, only 260 graduate textile diploma holders are coming out from six textile institutes in the country, which is quite inadequate for the local textile industry, said a recent Planning Commission report.

There are about 7,000 small, medium and large textile units in Dhaka, Narayngonj and Chittagong. All of them urgently require textile engineers.

Minister for Education Osman Faruk told the news agency: "The government is very much aware of the problem and has taken initiative to set up new textile institute. We have also plan to set up an university on textile technology."

The textile sector recorded highest industrial growth of 30 per cent in the last fiscal.

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Added: September 29, 2005 Source: Agencies
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