USA: Apparel Add-On for ProductCart ecommerce software

SAN FRANCISCO: Early Impact has released Apparel Add-On for ProductCart, an ecommerce software for online clothing stores that need inventory tracking on product variations. The Apparel Add-On equips ProductCart-powered stores with new features that are specifically targeted to online clothing stores.

The Apparel Add-On introduces new storefront features offering multiple product images whereby the customers can view different variations of a product's image based on different colors, different styles, etc. When customers click on a particular option, the image changes accordingly.
ProductCart will also notify customers when certain product options are not available. When a selection is made from the first option menu (e.g. color: "Red"), the second drop-down (e.g. size: "M") is instantly updated. If any of the available combinations (e.g. "Red/S", "Red/M", etc.) is out of stock, ProductCart will either show a custom out of stock message, or hide the selection.

An option has also been included to automatically show a link to a size chart of other information related to the product options that the customer is about to select.

Set quantity discounts for each product variation. This allows a store administrator, for instance, to place all "small" sizes of a certain sweater "on sale" without altering the main product's price.

Also some store management features have been introduce that includes specifying a part number, a general image, a detail view image, a price differential (e.g. Add $5 for all XXL sizes), and the stock level for each product variation.

The Apparel Add-On also equips ProductCart's Control Panel with a number of tools that allow you to quickly create and efficiently manage all product variations. Once product options have been defined (e.g. available colors and sizes for a certain product), ProductCart can instantly create all product variations and follow a number of flexible naming conventions when doing so (e.g. part numbers can be a combination of the main product's part number plus other variables).

SOURCE: Early Impact, LLC

July 15, 2004

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Added: July 15, 2004
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