USA: Moldable pellet based on the combination of synthetic patented

Abstract: A moldable pellet used for making high impact, non-abrasive recyclable structural composites consisting of a thermoplastic polymer or polymers, with or without fillers and additives, and a synthetic cellulosic fiber in yarn or tow form such as Rayon or Lyocell.

The concentration of cellulose fiber within the pellet may vary from approximately 2-80 percent by weight or higher. This moldable pellet is suitable for molding in current molding applications such as, but not limited to, injection molding, extrusion compression molding, and compression molding.

Exmp. Claim 1
Ex Claim text A moldable pellet used for making high impact, low abrasive recyclable structural composites comprising: an inner cellulosic fiber yarn; and a thermoplastic polymer sheath surrounding said inner
cellulosic fiber yarn.

Patent Number 6756114

Issue Date 2004 06 29

Assignee Owens Corning Fiberglas Technology, Inc.

Inventor(s) Cichocki, Frank R.

Thomason, James L.
Cheney, Terry L.

State/Country OH

Source: U.S. Patents

July 07, 2004

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Added: July 7, 2004
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