CHINA: New Synthetic Fiber “Bettera” Developed

SANGHAI: A new synthetic fiber called Bettera is jointly developed by Shanghai based Jingwei Trade Co., Ltd, Liaoyang Petrochemical and Donghua University, which possess many characters of PA, PAN and PET fibers.

"Bettera", or polytrimethylene terephthalate fiber, covers various kinds of fibers' advantages including softness, elastic resilience and soil resistance from nylon fiber, lofty handle from acrylic fiber and wrinkle and corrosion resistance from polyester fiber.

Furthermore, it has outstanding pilling resistance and can be dyed with disperse dyes at atmosphere, which makes it turn to be the strong competing antagonist to polyester and nylon.

With these characteristics Bettera is suitable for many types of garments, such as leisure clothes, sportswear, underwear and uniforms. Especially it is attractive in swiftly expanding stretch fiber market.


March 04, 2004

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Added: March 4, 2004
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