USA: Transformation Of Cotton Plants Patented

Title: Transformation of cotton plants

Abstract A method for producing transformed cotton plants. The method comprising providing cotton explants, incubating the cotton explant in the presence of a vector comprising a selectable marker to produce treated explants, growing the treated

explants to produce callus and selecting transformed callus.

Exmp. Claim 1

Ex Claim text A method for producing a transformed cotton plant comprising

the steps of: providing a cotton explant from a source selected from the group consisting of cotyledon, immature zygotic embryos and mixtures thereof; incubating the cotton explant in the presence of a vector

comprising DNA encoding a selectable marker to produce a treated explant; growing the treated explant to produce callus; selecting transformed embryogenic callus; and

regenerating a transformed cotton plant therefrom.

Patent Number: 6620990

Issue Date: 2003 09 16

Assignee: Mycogen Corporation

Inventor(s): Rangan, Thirumale S.Anderson, David M. Rajasekaran, Kanniah Grula, John W. Hudspeth, Richard Lorne Yenofsky, Richard L.

State/Country: CA

Source: Agencies

September 19, 2003

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Added: September 19, 2003
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