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 Textile news from Sri lanka
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SRI LANKA: Textile industry struggling to remain competitive
[Oct 21, 2007] Sri Lanka is struggling to compete against India and China as inflation runs at its highest level for thirteen years. Inflation hit 17.5 percent in September as measured on a 12-month moving average,

SRI LANKA: Warp knit fabric project to boost local apparel sector
MEM [Oct 21, 2007] The first warp knit project in South Asia was opened by President Mahinda Rajapaksa at Thulhiriya on Friday in the MAS Fabric Park (MFP). The first project at the premises is Asia's first high quality warp knit

SRI LANKA: MAS Fabric Park begins operations
[Oct 21, 2007] The world’s first eco friendly fabric and apparel manufacturing zone opened on Friday. The MAS Fabric Park went public as the world’s first non polluting fabric and apparel manufacturing zone based on an eco-friendly blueprint.

SRI LANKA: First privately owned industrial fabric park
MEM [Oct 16, 2007] MAS Holdings Inc. has launched the country’s first state-of-the-art, privately owned industrial fabric park - the MAS Fabric Park (MFP), in Thulhiriya. The inauguration is on Friday. President Mahinda Rajapaksa will be the chief guest. The 165 acre MFP

SRI LANKA: Apparel group Brandix starts construction of central services facility
MEM [Oct 14, 2007] Apparel group Brandix has commenced the construction of a Rs 280 million central services facility for the Group's Activewear companies in Sri Lanka and India. Located at Ratmalana, the 61,000 square foot, Active, will be the nucleus

SRI LANKA: Garment workers to battle for better wages
[Sep 24, 2007] A “Living Wage” campaign will be launched by Garment worker as the current wages are not enough to live on. This is mainly due to the increase in cost of living which is making it difficult to make both ends meet. The campaign will be launched in October.

SRI LANKA: Intimate wear group Mas Intimates awarded SAP ACE 2007
MEM [Sep 01, 2007] The intimate wear group MAS Intimates, a division of Sri Lanka's MAS Holdings specializing in lingerie, has won a top award by the enterprise resources software maker SAP for the deployment and use of its technology, the group said. MAS Intimates was awarded

SRI LANKA: Local apparel businesses are investing abroad
MEM [Aug 27, 2007] Some businesses, particularly in the apparel and leisure sector, in a bid to minimize the risk of unfriendly business environment and uncertain climate are taking their expertise abroad and capitalising on large markets available for

SRI LANKA: Demand for preferential access for garment exports
[Aug 19, 2007] Apparel exports to the US can get affected if African countries block proposed tariff cuts on exports from developing countries. Sri Lanka’s trade comes under WTO rules. WTO is working to put in place a rule based global trading system.

SRI LANKA: School uniforms to be produced locally
[Aug 16, 2007] Textile Development Minister Jayatissa Ranaweera has said that the government will manufacture school uniform material locally instead of importing them for four million schoolchildren. The Government saved a large amount of foreign exchange last year by manufacturing uniform material

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