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SUDAN: India to help textile sector
[Jul 22, 2007] India is likely to extend $4 million loan to Sudan textile sector.The credit will be extended for development of textile industry which is need of funds to compete in the international market.

SUDAN: Cotton company profits reach 465m dinars
[Sep 14, 2005] Total of the net profits of Sudan Cotton Company for the year 2003 - 2004 have reached 465 million dinars (US$ 2), said Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company...

SUDAN: Textile seeks help of Pakistan
MEM [May 28, 2004] The textile industry of Sudan is not capable to meet current international standards. The country is seeking the co-operation of Pakistan in textile sector...

SUDAN: Cotton Producers Trying To Woo Indian Spinners
[Jun 03, 2002] Sudan cotton producers are trying to woo Indian spinners as India is emerging as a major importer of cotton. India is importing 20-25 lakh bales of cotton annually from various markets.....

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