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 Textile news from SRI LANKA
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SRI LANKA: Sri Lanka to explore new markets in Asia
[Aug 28, 2010] The Joint Apparel Association Forum (JAAF) of Sri Lanka recently presented a five-year strategic plan for the development of the apparel sector to the government, highlighting the essence of new markets for the industry.

SRI LANKA: Textured Jersey to Produce Fleece for Victoria’s Secret PINK
MEM [Aug 20, 2009] Textured Jersey Lanka (TJL), a joint venture involving Pacific Textiles and the country’s top apparel export group Brandix, has launched an in-region fleece programme in Sri Lanka under which the company will produce fleece exclusively for Victoria’s Secret PINK, the No 1 loungewear brand in the world.

SRI LANKA: BOI Signs Agreements for Eight New Projects Worth USD 43 Million
[Dec 15, 2008] BOI signs agreements for eight new projects worth USD 43 million including a USD 36 million development project at Ratnapura

SRI LANKA: NCC Organizes Handicraft Exhibition
[Nov 25, 2008] Artisans from across the country are showcasing their exquisite craftsmanship, with the intention to attract buyers both locally and internationally.

SRI LANKA: Apparel sector giants help humble cause
[Nov 21, 2007] A new vocational training centre is coming up for the differently-abled in Sri Lanka by two apparel sector giants, Sri Lanka’s Brandix Group and the UK’s Marks & Spencer along with other suppliers to Marks & Spencer in Sri Lanka.

SRI LANKA: Former Topshop brand director to start new apparel business soon
[Nov 20, 2007] British fashion queen Jane Shepherdson is planning a new venture. The former Topshop brand director was on a visit to Sri Lanka, where she announced that she is planning to start a new business soon.

SRI LANKA: SLAMA to create more apparel marketers
[Nov 20, 2007] Joint Apparel Association Forum (JAAF) President Ajith Dias has said that the apparel industry was not experiencing a downward trend but seeing a robust growth opening up new opportunities for the sector.

SRI LANKA: M&S to expand regional logistics hub
[Oct 30, 2007] Marks & Spencer UK had extensive talks with representatives of Global Park and RJV International to finalize the next phase of their logistics operations in Sri Lanka. Marks & Spencer is a UK based retail giant with over 400 stores located throughout

SRI LANKA: Trade unions demand Living Wage for garment workers
[Oct 28, 2007] ALaRM, a coalition of NGOs and trade unions in the garment sector, launched a campaign last week asking the Board of Investment (BOI) and garment factories for an immediate salary increase and a ‘sector specific’ living wage for garment workers. The demand is for minimum increment of Rs 2,500 for garment workers.

SRI LANKA: More garment manufacturers to qualify for GSP+ benefits
[Oct 28, 2007] Sri Lankan apparel exports to the EU are expected to increase due to the DogiEFA warp knit facility in the MAS Fabric Park in Thulhiriya. The availability of warp knitted fabric in Sri Lanka will help increase exports to the EU with the help the GSP+ scheme.

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