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CAMBODIA: Cambodia’s Plans for Indefinite Use of Temporary Employment Contracts
[Feb 24, 2009] The Global Union representing workers in the textile and clothing sector is taking action to oppose proposed amendments to Cambodia’s labour law aimed at extending the use of temporary employment contracts.

CAMBODIA: INDITEX Driving Change In Global Garment Industry
[Mar 16, 2008] International Framework Agreement, had made a positive beginning in promoting the sea change needed in management and trade union thinking to promote decent work in the global textile

CAMBODIA: Silk deal signed with Chinese company
[Sep 14, 2007] A memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed between a Cambodian and Chinese company to cultivate mulberry plantations. Cambodia will breed silk worms and build a factory to ship the raw product to China. It is yet to be clear

CAMBODIA: Illegal strikes threaten textile sector
[Sep 05, 2007] The domestic garment makers have urged the government to regulate the labor unions, saying that illegal strikes and power struggles among more than 1,000 workers' groups threaten the key textile trade. The garment sector remains a key pillar of impoverished Cambodia's economy, employing some

CAMBODIA: Garment workers show their talents in nationwide competition
[Sep 01, 2007] A competition titled "I am precious" was launched nationwide in Phnom Penh city to honor Cambodian garment workers, value of the work they do. For the first time they got a chance to show their talents and expression through a

CAMBODIA: Create the right investment climate: World Bank Chief
[Aug 06, 2007] World Bank chief Robert Zoellick has said that the Cambodian economy is too narrowly focused on its garment sector. It should now build on its successes to draw investors to other industries.

CAMBODIA: Garment exports growth slows down
[Jul 13, 2007] According to the recent statistics issued by the commerce ministry the growth rate of garment exports of Cambodia has slowed down.

CAMBODIA: Garment workers resume nightshifts after assurance
[Jul 06, 2007] Cambodian garment factory employees were scared by the rumours of a syndicate involved in human organ transplant trade is targeting them.

CAMBODIA: Vietnam creates threat to Cambodian garment industry
MEM [Nov 16, 2006] The imminent entry of neighboring Vietnam has created a fear of threat posed by the World Trade Organization upon Cambodia's garment industry; officials said on November 14...

CAMBODIA: US, Cambodia sign agreement to increase trade and investment flows
MEM [Jul 19, 2006] The United States and Cambodia signed an agreement on July 14 to increase trade and investment flows as part of a broader American initiative in the region, the U.S. Trade Representative's office said...

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