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 Textile news from BAHRAIN
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BAHRAIN: Increase in work permit cost to affect textile prices
[Nov 30, 2007] Bahrain's move to substantially increase the cost of work permits for foreign nationals is likely to cripple small and medium-sized companies attempting to compete at international level.

BAHRAIN: Textile workers refuse to accept aid from ICRF
MEM [May 28, 2007] When the Light Style Garment Factory was shut down in May 2005,a total of 1050 workers lost their jobs. About 280 workers weresent home and

BAHRAIN: WestPoint Home completes purchase of mills from Manama Textiles
[Dec 25, 2006] US bedding firm WestPoint Home has completed its purchase of mills in Askar from Manama Textiles...

BAHRAIN: Westpoint Home to buy plants from Manama Textiles
[Dec 11, 2006] New York-based firm Westpoint Home will buy three bed-sheet producing plants belonging to Manama Textiles as the Bahrain company shifts its focus to denim textiles; Manama Textiles chief operating officer Mehtab Ahmed Malik said.

BAHRAIN: Moda Mall adds luxury retailers
[Sep 19, 2006] The Bahrain World Trade Centre (BWTC) has disclosed its vision for Moda Mall- high-end shopping complex located on the ground floor of the twin towers to set the Kingdom’s largest range of top luxury retailers...

BAHRAIN: WestPoint Home to purchase home textile assets of Manama Textile Mills
MEM [Aug 03, 2006] WestPoint Home has signed a letter of intent to purchase all of the home textile assets of Manama Textile Mills in Bahrain; WestPoint Home CEO Joseph Pennacchio said...

BAHRAIN: Ache-relief garments introduced
[Apr 28, 2006] The new type of garments, which includes knee and ankle braces, T-shirts, socks and briefs, claims to help sooth aches and pains, has been launched in Bahrain, centre area manager Roger Pinto said here on April 27...

BAHRAIN: Arrears to Indian workers distributed
[Dec 24, 2005] The Indian Community Relief Fund (ICRF) in Bahrain has completed distributing of another tranche of salary arrears to more than 1,000 Indian garment workers. These garment workers lost their jobs earlier this year.

BAHRAIN: A tribute to friendship by fashion show
[Dec 07, 2005] To mark Bahraini-Indian friendship a fashion show is being organised as part of Bahrain's National Day celebrations.

BAHRAIN: Cabinet backs plan to supports RMG industry
[Jul 11, 2005] The Cabinet backed Ministry of Industry plans to support ready-made garment factories...

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