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NEW ZEALAND: wool prices are surged due to diminishing supply
[Mar 08, 2011] Wool prices last week reached levels not seen since the late 1980s.

TURKEY: Yunsa eyes world leadership
[Feb 23, 2011] Yünsa, a prominent Turkish woolen fabric producer, plans to become the world’s largest supplier of the material through an additional $20 million investment that will allow yearly production to rise to 20 million meters.

USA: Natural Merino Wool Trumps Synthetic Polar Fleece for Baby Sleep
[Nov 18, 2010] Baby sleep sacks are recommended by health professionals and used by an increasing number of maternity hospitals, but some are better than others.

NEW ZEALAND: looming shortage of wool Lifts Auction Prices
[Nov 01, 2010] New Zealand Concerns about a looming shortage of wool resulted in auction prices rising last week despite an appreciating currency.

USA: Lands' End FeelGood sweaters benefit Warm Up America!
[Sep 27, 2010] Lands' End is providing a way to feel good about shopping and giving this fall. The company will kick off the FeelGood Campaign for a second year, offering a terrific way to shop - and feel good about giving the gift of warmth to individuals and families in need across the country.

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