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USA: Silk fibres could lead to edible optics in future
[Jul 31, 2010] Silk, spun by spiders and silk worms, could some day find use in degradable and flexible electronic displays for sensors and implantable optical systems for diagnosis and treatment, according to scientists.

INDIA: Ahimsa Silk in fashion
[Jul 26, 2010] Mahatma’s Ahimsa theme was once again reinforced in Andhra-based Kusuma Rajaiah’s patent-winning Ahimsa Silk Saris. The saris are woven through a complicated process known as ‘eco-friendly method of manufacturing mulberry silk yarn’.

INDIA: Central Sericulture Board helps raw silk production touch 19600 tonnes
[Jun 26, 2010] Chairman, Central Sericulture Board (CSB), H Hanumanthappa said, "This production of 19,600 metric tonnes of raw silk was achieved largely due to the concerted efforts of CSB and the state governments..."

INDIA: knitted Garments from Eri Silk
[Dec 23, 2008] Knitted garment made of eri silk developed by NIFT-TEA College of Knitwear Fashion with the funding support of Central Silk Board.

INDIA: West Bengal Minister proposes silk park in Malda
[Oct 07, 2008] Mr Manab Mukherjee, minister for small scale enterprises and textile department of West Bengal, spoke to Mr Shankersingh Vaghela, union minister for textile for setting up a ‘Silk Park’ in Malda.

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