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INDIA: Jharkhand is on way to double its 'tassar' silk output
[Apr 10, 2008] Jharkhand is on way to double its 'tassar' silk output to 300 tonne this year, by way of broad-basing the involvement of tribals and other locals in this forest-based produce

INDIA: Anti dumping duty on Chinese silk
[Mar 11, 2008] The Centre has quietly re-imposed the anti-dumping duty on Chinese silk yarn (raw silk) imports for one year. Indian silk producers claim that the price of Chinese silk in India is so low that they cannot compete.

INDIA: Cotton and fine silk is under threat
[Feb 23, 2008] Orissa is known in the world for its fine silks and cottons but now its facing a major threat, due to faulty govt policies

INDIA: Sericulture industry provides livelihood in Jharkhand
[Nov 19, 2007] The State Industrial Department (SID) is helping the villagers by providing lucrative employment opportunities in the sericulture industry. The...

CHINA: Researchers produce colorful silk cocoons
[Nov 09, 2007] The College of Biotechnology of Southwest University in Chongqing...

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