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USA: DACRON Memorelle Fiberfill with SMARTfill Technology, the Memory Foam
[Oct 07, 2011] New DACRON Memorelle Fiberfill with SMARTfill Technology, the Gentler Memory Foam Alternative

UK: scientists investigate using cellulose to grow clothing
[May 30, 2011] SUZANNE Lee, a senior researcher at University of the Arts London, has been working with scientists to investigate using cellulose to grow clothing.

INDIA: Anti-dumping duty on Chinese viscose filament yarn to continue
[May 30, 2011] The government has decided to continue anti-dumping duty of up to USD 4.82 per kg on Viscose Filament Yarn till February, 2012 to protect the domestic industry.

PAKISTAN: Ibrahim Fibres new polyester staple plant
[May 29, 2011] Ibrahim Fibre will have a new 230,000-235,000 tonne/year polyester staple plant in Pakistan by 2012,

USA: Cosmo Specialty Fibers officially opens Cosmopolis pulp mill in USA
[May 29, 2011] Cosmo Specialty Fibers held the official opening of its mill in Cosmopolis, Washington, USA.

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